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GenSoc Model United Nations, 2020

With all the love and support you showed us, we are back with a bash. 
We bring to you GenSoc Model United Nations, 2020 powered by Socialist MUN and Zengage MUN, co-powered by MUNflix on August 22, 2020 to August 24, 2020. 
Welcome aboard!
The committees and their agendas will be as follows:
1. United Nations General Assembly: DISEC (NOVICE)
Agenda- Assessing threats of nuclear weapons with special emphasis on the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

2. United Nations Human Rights Council (NOVICE)
Agenda- Legal socio-economic rights of sex workers with special emphasis on the LGBTQ+ Community

3. United Nations Commission on Status of Women
Agenda- Feminization of Poverty

4. AIPPM Historic (Semi-Crisis Committee)
Agenda- The Ayodhya Dispute

5. Trilateral Committee (India-China-Pakistan)
Agenda- Classified

6. Midnight Committee- MAFIA LORDS
Agenda- Classified

7. Indian Stakeholders' Meet
Agenda- Discussion upon tackling naxalism and maoism with special emphasis on land, job and agricultural development

8. AdHoc Committee
Agenda- Classified

9. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Agenda- Discussion on Transnational Organized Crimes with emphasis on trafficking in persons

10. Harry Potter
Agenda- Classified

11. International Press
(Journalists, Caricatures, Photographers)

We are organizing a pan-India conference, looking forward to providing you with the open table to take part in the constructive debate with delegates from different parts of India. We have also taken the approach of hosting the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council as NOVICE committees for catering to the delegates debuting in the MUN atmosphere.

The delegate fees will be ₹ 300. 

Here's the link to the registration form, follow this and register at the earliest!

Zunera Zamindar,
Team GenSoc.