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COVID-19 | Precautions | Preventive Measures for Patients

COVID-19 | Precautions | Preventive Measures for Patients

 Isolation protocols:

√ Patient in isolation shouldn't use mask as it disturbs oxygenation.
√if possible ,have sunlight for Vit D or use its supplements.
√To avoid depression, engage patient in positive activities, if feasible have a walk outside but with mask bcz aerosols can spread in surroundings.

√Attendant must use mask & gloves to provide items to ptn


 1)Breathing Rate 
If more than 30 breaths in min,take ptn to hsptl
 2)Heart Rate If more than 110 beats/min ,take ptn to hsptl  
3) Oxygen Saturation if less than 93 ,use Oxygen cylinder at home if less than 87-88 take ptn to hsptl
4) BP 5) Temp

 Oxygen Use:

√ ptnt should use nasal cannula of Oxy during eating to avoid fall in Oxy saturation
√After small activity like washroom, walk Use oximeter if less than 93 use Oxy mask.
√Have some Oxy before going to sleep or in mid of night to maintain saturation
√Always use prone position in bed. If posbl Head level should be slightly lower than body level. It puts min pres on lungs
√Immediatly use Albuterol inhaler *(Without Steroids in that inhaler)* for improved breathing when u feel shortness of breath.For normal use 2 puffs/day.
√Avoid eating too much at a time bcz It will dec Oxy saturation,Break ur meal into portions.
√ Use steam as it removes mucus plugs from airway. 1st use steam then use albuterol for improved breathing. Dont use steam when u r feeling breathless as it worsens the state.

 Nutritional Supplements:

√Have Sunlight or use Vit D (5000IU/day) with Calc, can use Vit D rich food items. Use green leafy Vegs like spinach
√Use 2 Orange/day or (1000IU/Day Vit C supplem
√For zinc,use Serbex Z but Z req Hydroxy chloroquine HCQ or Quercetin for its absorp so use HCQ or Quer rich food Red Apple, Strawberry,Onion or  supplement having Querc
√Vit A level should be good (Orange col Apri (Khobani), Mango etc)
√N acetylcystiene (remove mucus plugs from airways)
Use its Tab or cough syrup having It

 Hydration State:

√Keep a good water intake (cold water causes incr  urination so avoid it)
√Use ORS for electrolytes
√Lemonade (Skanjabeen) is best drink for it
√Can use Adrak Qahwa


√Use Panadol for Fever
√For initial days, immediately start following *Combination*  not alone
 1)Azithromy+Hydroxy CQ+ zinc
These can cause arrythmias so Dr's observation is necessary
Also Azithro alone is not effec .it just improves action of HCQ
2) Ivermectin+ Doxycycline

√plasma is not effective for ICU/ ventilator patient bcz Viral load at that time is almost zero so no use of antibodies of plasma at that time. Use it in middle stages before ICU stage
√Patient on Ventilator in hospital req drugs that reduce Inflammation especially interleukin-6 blocker (to stop triggering the immune response) like Tocilizumab(Actemra). Remdesivir (antiviral) is also eff in almost 30% ptn.

By Dr Mobeen Syed