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Rotaract Club of Faisalabad Celebrating Population Day!

Celebrating Population Day!
Rotaract Club of Faisalabad will be pledging Resolutions to maybe compensate the effects of increasing population. What problems are we facing due to over population! Some of the issues are:
🌀Shortage of Resources (Water, Electricity, Food e.t.c.)
🌀Family planning
🌀Shortage of Housing
🌀Gender inequality
🌀Importance of fostering maternal health
🌀Human rights
🌀Effect of overpopulation on the environment
All you have to do is make 1 resolution aiding to one of these issues. Let us know about your the idea behind your pledge through a poster (handmade or digital), picture or a video. And if you have already started working on it, share those pictures.
Project Chair:
Dr. Zunaira Asif Butt
Director Disease Prevention 2020-21