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proactive student  is an assertive person who makes things happen rather than   waits   for things to happen.  A proactive student is one who assumes control of and takes responsibility for his education. 

Being a proactive student means doing things out of your comfort zone, going beyond the ordinary, and really putting yourself out there with every opportunity worthwhile.What you think is right for your happiness. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, change studies. 

Here are some qualities of proactive students; 
  • They are free to choose how to act regardless of what happens to you. 
  • ⧫Their future is the product of their own choices. 
  • ⧫They are free to choose their own actions. Nobody can make you do anything. 

If you are proactive, you see yourself as completely free to choose what you will do with your life. You also see yourself—nobody and nothing else—as the creator of your own future. 
If you see yourself as a pawn, you get pushed around by luck, fate, or circumstances you can’t control. Life just happens to you. You’re a victim of society or your upbringing. By contrast, if you see yourself as an origin, you’re in charge of your life, you control the moves, and you are responsible for your success—or lack of it—in school. 

““The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 
                                        -Peter Drucker 

Proactive people act rather than are acted upon. They are self-starters. They take initiative to make things happen. Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, aggressive, or annoying. Rather, it means being resourceful and creative in making things happen the way you want them to happen. 

     Whatever you’re meant to do, do  it now. The conditions are always possible.”  
                                     –Doris Lessing 

If you’re a reactive person, you allow the outside world to determine how you feel. You let other people spoil your moods. You let the weather decide if you’re going to have a good day.You are giving away your power to others by this attitude. By allowing the outside world to decide how you feel, you empower it to control you.You waste time and energy when you allow others’ weaknesses to control your emotions. Proactive people choose their own weather. 

        Control your emotions ,so that yours  emotion can't control you.  
                                           AMY MORIN                               
 They choose to be pleasant, positive, and principle-centered , regardless of the circumstances or the moods of those around them. 

“5 rights” to become proactive student:

 Here are some standards of a proactive student,
1. Right AttitudeGood grades are your responsibility. You own them and no one else does, not even your mom. You can get good grades. Believe that you can do it. 
 2.Right Energy: Your brain is connected to the rest of your body. To work well, it needs food and sleep.  
 3. Right Location Find a quiet place where you can spread out all your stuff, such as the library 
 4. Right TimeSet regular times for studying. Pick times when you are most alert and least likely to get. Make it a routine. 
 5. Right Sequence: Prioritize your work. First, focus on the now: do whatever is due today or tomorrow. 

Importance of Socialization for student: 

Proactive college students plan ahead, setting aside enough time for their studies while also recognizing the importance of balance, including time for socialization and relaxation .Socialization is also important for a student. 
 By interacting with different people  ,you become aware about  behaviour of people around you and you learn how to deal with people .Proactive student not only refers to a student who get good grades instead refers to student who is best in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.