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How to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to avoid Self-pity

 How to stop feeling sorry for  yourself :

  Feeling sorry for yourself is self-destructive.It is also called as self-pity. It leads to new problems and can have serious consequences.Therefore,you should cope with it in a better way. 
"Self-pity is spiritual suicide.It is an indefensible self-mutilation of the soul." 

   1-Build your Mental strength: 

Most important thing that you should do to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to build your  mental strength.Being mentally strong is not about positive thinking.Mental strength is about thinking realistically and rationally.Mental strength doesn't require to ignore your emotions. It’s about interpreting and understanding how your emotions influence your thoughts. 

2-Change your Behaviour: 

Act in way that makes it difficult to feel sorry for yourself. You should alleviate feelings of self-pity, you need to change your pitiful behaviour and forbid yourself from indulging in pitiful thoughts.You should have optimistic approach towards situations and things in your life. Start doing act of kindness with others. Physical or mental activity will help you focus on something other than your misfortune.Optimistic behavior will extinguish your feelings of self-pity. 

3-Have feelings of Gratitude: 

Have feelings of gratitude  is about thinking I have more than I deserve. Start to acknowledge other people’s kindness and generosity. Affirm the good in the world and you will begin to appreciate what you have. Gratitude leads to more positive emotions. People who have feelings of gratitude experience more happiness. Gratitude improves social lives. Grateful people are more willing to forgive others. They are also more likely to help other people and to behave in a generous and compassionate manner.When you notice that you’re starting to feel sorry for yourself, shift your focus towards other things. Don’t allow yourself to continue thinking that life isn’t fair. 

4-Start doing act of kindness: 

Another best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to start doing act of kindness with others.Try to help others.Take active part in social works.Physical or mental activity will help you focus on something other than your problems.This will divert your mind from negative emotions.Helping others is a source of internal happiness.Do not have any negative thoughts or feelings of jealousy for others.Donating needy people will arise feelings of sympathy.